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We will never write any personal information.

We will never use our personal mail, we will always use the group mail!

We will always use proper vocabulary and be respectful when writing comments.

We will be resposnible for what we write and what we publish.

We will always use the same computer.

At the beginning of each session we will check if everything is OK. We will be responsible of any damage.

We cannot change any settings in the computer: they are not our personal computers!

We will not try to fix any part of the computer without permission.

We will always log in and out when asked, not before.

We will share the mouse and the keyboard with our partners

At the end of each session:

We’ll log out of all the programs.

We’ll ask the teacher whether we turn the computer off

We will always have our material (URLs list, vocabulary, pens, drafts…) ready next to the computer.


  1. Yes we are active and it would be fantastic to be in contact with other people. What age have your students got? Mine are secondary students

  2. I’m not sure if this blog is still active, but if it is, I’d like to connect with a classroom here in Morristown, NJ. Please comment below so we can talk.

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