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The strange story of Little Red Riding Hood

When  Little Red Riding Hood was chatting on her mobile phone into the forest, she saw a track with a lot of sweets and she decided to follow it. When she arrived at the end of the track, she saw three different houses: a wood house, a brick house and a straw house.

She decided to enter the wood house, and when she was inside she saw a very big and strange door. There was a notice that it said, NARNIA with  very big letterts. When she opened the door she was surprised because she saw a big glass castle. She walked to the castle, and when she arrived she saw her grandmother inside. She entered and she asked her grandma   ” What are you doing here?” She didn’t explain it. Then Little Red Riding Hood asked her ”Why do you have these big eyes?” ”To see you better” said the grandma. ”And why do you have these big ears?” asked the little girl. ”To hear you better”,explained the old woman. Finally she asked her” Why do you have a green nouse?” and the grandma said ” Because I’m Shrek!”.





The story was written by Irina, Elisenda  and Oihana from 3rdA.


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