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Little Green Riding Headphones

One day, a little girl was walking into a shopping centre with her grandma. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful pair of green headphones, she went into the shop and bought it. While she was listening to music with her new headphones, a security guard appeared. He told her that it was illegal to use green headphones inside that shopping centre, but his real intentions were to keep them, becaus he thought they were really cool. The little girl replied that it was a stupid rule and she was allowed to wear headphones everywhere. The security guard tried to take off her headphones. But the grandma got angry and started to shout at him. And suddenly she took off a gun of her handbag and shot at the guard’s head. Finally, Little Green Riding Headphones and her old grandma came back home eating some pistachio ice-cream.








Written by: Anna L and Martina. 3r Eso A


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