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Creating a movie

Let’s create a movie where your characters have to ask for something and also give some advice. Be creative but also remember you have to show good manners!

Follow the instructions step by step!

  1. Go to this website and select a background and a sky, and click on NEXT
  2. Select a plot ( redez-vous, pick up, chase, soliloquy) and click on NEXT
  3. Chose the characters and click on NEXT
  4. Write the dialogues
  5. Select the background music if you want.
  6. Add a new scene and follow step 2 again, or finish the movie.
  7. Select your title design, your movie title and write your names. D0n’t write your surnames!
  8. click on Preview& send movie.
  9. Watch and see if you need to redo anything.
  10. Write my name and my mail (You can add more mails) and click on SEND
  11. Wait for the embed code. Copy it and send it to my mail.

Click on the links to see some of your movies.

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