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February 27, 2009
by pepa

Top five gadgets

Listen to this video talking about the latest gadgets. And answer these questions :

  1. Which is your favourite gadget? why? Explain how it works, why it is revolutionary…
  2. What can you become with gadget number 5?
  3. Which range has Wimax got?
  4. Whats’s the most important characteristic of OLED screens?
  5. Where can you expect to find the new computing interface?
  6. When was the first Wii fit released?

February 21, 2009
by pepa

What must and mustn’t you do?

Write a few things you must or mustn’t do at school and at home. Write true sentences about you. Here are some verbs to help you:

do the homework, make your bed, prepare breakfast, copy in the exams, respect your classmates, stand up without permission, feed your pets, buy the bread, tidy your room, practice a instrument, do some exercise, smoke, chat on the net at night, eat too much chocolate, interrupt when somebody is speaking…

At home I must do the cooking and I mustn’t throw the rubbish through the window!

At school I must correct your homework and I mustn’t insult you!

November 5, 2007
by pepa


Who is this person?

Let’s guess who we are!

First you have to write about the things you are or are not allowed to do at home, but don’t write your name!

Then read the other texts and try to guess who the person is.

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