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May 7, 2012
by pepa


Let’s create your voki:

  • go to http://www.voki.com/
  • click on get started
  • You have to open an account. It’s free! To do this, remember you have to sign up only the first time. Then you only have to log in!
  • Customize your character. Follow the instructions and browse for all the different possibilities.
  • At home you have to record a welcome message to post it on your blog.
  • To upload it go to widgets. Add a text widget and copy the code there with a title.

October 24, 2011
by pepa


Let’s upload our presentations so we can see them in our blogs!

Go to issuu and sign up. follow the instructions. Remember we are always using the same blog usernames and mail!!

May 17, 2011
by pepa


Have a look at this website and find the information needed to answer the following questions on your notebooks:

  1. When was it founded?
  2. What was the organisation founded for?
  3. How many different issues do they work on? Name them.
  4. Name 3 things you can do to collaborate with Greenpeace.
  5. What’s one of the main campaigns they are carrying out now?
  6. Note down 10 words you have learned with this site.
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