Splash in!

A broader space to enhance our communication


What can we find in this blog?

Anything that helps us (you and me) to improve our competences in English.

For the time being, there are 5 sections:

  • Home
  • ESO4. It belongs to my students last year.
  • 1ESO specially for you
  • Forum. Where you can post your comments on a specific topic
  • Batx. For my students in 1st batxillerat

We can add new ones according to your suggestions.

In each section you will find:

  • the assessment of the course
  • important announcements and reminders
  • the dates for tests, readers, projects
  • your projects
  • revision or extra exercises
  • the content of each unit
  • your compositions
  • your suggestions for different activities
  • comments on your peers work

On the Home  page you can post your comments and you can also find  some examples of things we can do during the course:

  • making films
  • recording our voices
  • embedding videos

How does this blog work?

This is a multifunctional blog. It works like a normal blog but it can also have static pages for our projects!


  1. I have been visiting various blogs for my Thesis Research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information… Regards…

  2. Hellooo!

    I am Alba .

    I can dance and swim but I can’t ride a horse and run fast.


  3. Hello,

    I am Chunwei.

    I can dance and play basketball, but I can’t ski, ride a horse.

  4. Hello Pepa !

    I’m Maria,I can ice-skate and dance but Ican’t run 1 Km
    and swim 200 m.

  5. I’must go the shcol I‘musen’t mustn’t xaut en shout in the class

  6. hello Pepa!

    I’m Roberto of 1d.I can swim and play football but i can’t jump high.Good bye

  7. Hello Pepa!
    I’m Miriam.I can skate andbut I can’t ride a horse
    bye bye!

  8. Hello Pepa I’m omar I can’t play basketball

  9. I’m alba. I’m twelve years old. I’m from spain. good bye

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