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  1. Sorry, Sorry!
    I meant I like the all stories but my story is a comment

  2. The comix are really funny but a bit crazy… We laughed a lot because the stories are mostly nonsense. It’s just a pity that we couldn’t read all the comix people made because some of them aren’t here…

  3. I like comments but i prefer see my comment

  4. We like all of the comics! But we don’t understand Pau and Gemma’s.

  5. Its’s good, funny and creative!

  6. We agree with all of you because the stories are very funny :”)

  7. good

  8. These comix are very funny.

  9. We like reading all the comics. Some are boring but others are really awesome.

  10. We think that the comics are original, creative and a little silly.

  11. these comics are really funny.

  12. This is a good idea to be creative in class. Awesome.

  13. I like all the stories but I really like the leon messi’s story best

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