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Little Red Riding Hood

Grandmother was making her gintonic when she remembered the lunch with  Little Red Riding Hood. She told  the pig to go to Little Red Riding Hood’s house, to bring her there. The pig went to the garage and took the pig’s scooter.

When he was on the road, he fell off the scooter, because the wolf threw one arrow to him. The wolf thought ” Oh, a very good pig for a very good lunch!”

Later,  grandma was worried, because they didn’t arrive  home, and she phoned  Little Red Riding Hood.

-Hi Little, where are you?

– I’m at home waiting for you.

– Hasn’t my pig arrived at your house yet?

– No, he hasn’t. What has happened?

– I don’t know.

The grandmother decided to go to fetch her. She took the car and she drove to the village. Suddenly, she saw the pig’s scooter and blood. She was afraid. She took the rifle and started to search. When she walked a few km,  grandma started to smell meat. She started to run, and suddenly, she saw the pig grilling the wolf, under the tree because it was very hot.

Grandma phoned  Little Red Riding Hood,  and all the village ate the killer wolf.

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