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Little red riding boots

Little red riding boots was walking on the streets of  New York. When a tall man with a  long dark furry coat got closer to her and he said:

– Come, come here little girl. Do you want a candy?

– Oh no! I’m sorry I’m diabetic.

– Don’t worry. They are sugar free.

–  Oh! thanks. See you soon.

– No, no, no wait a second. Where are you going?

– To my granmma’s house.

– Can I go with you?

– Ok. Why not?

When they arrived at granmma’s house, they knoked at the door and when gramma opened it, the man took a gun and shot her. Then  little red riding boots started to run and wailed for help. When the man was going downstairs he fell down and died. Finally,  little red riding boots started to kick him.

She didn’t accept any more candies from strangers ever again.

by: Anna M, Albert R, Paula  and Emma R (3rd A)


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