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Old Red Riding Hood

By Pol Montorio, Gerard Rius & Elena Martínez

Once upon a time, in a city, there was an old people’s home called “Iaioland Inc.”. In the geriatric there were lots of grumpy grandmas and young nurses.

One day, one of the nurses brought her little dog to work. He was walking under the tables when he found a beautiful pill. He ate it in one big bite and got crazy. He started to chase the nurses, waking up the grumpy grandmas. Then the grandmas chased the dog. They hit him with walking sticks, wheel chairs and their own false teeth.

Finally they killed him and the police came into the geriatric. The chief police stared at the youngest grandma and asked:

* What have you done now, Mrs. Red Riding Hood?

* The same as always, Mr. Wolf.


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