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Next Step (2)


Once set up your blogs you have to:

  • Change the blogroll‘s name for class blogs.
  • Add all your clasmates’ blogs plus my blog. ( to do this go to my blog and copy your friends’ Url.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary widgets (meta, categories, links, archives, pages) plus the ones you choose.
  • Go to the computer generated post in About and write your own introduction post:

    • Remember to introduce yourselves without giving personal details, just your names.
    • Talk about the things you like and hate most, your future plans
    • Tell the world about your dream


4th A Thursday, 21st October

4th C Wednesday, 2oth October


  1. Yes, you need them for further practice!

  2. Hi Pepa, we are Anna and Elisenda. We have one question:
    – We add all the 4A and 4C links but we have to add all the interesting links?

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