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Coalhurst ‘s friends!


This is the  voicethread our friends from Coalhurst, Alberta (Canada) sent us so we could answer them.

Listen to our comments!


  1. Pepa, I like much work with blogs. Is a funny way to learn english. I hope these idea follow.


  2. Pepa, I like much work with blogs .Is a funny way to learn english .I hope these idea follow.


  3. Hi!!
    I’m Núria!!

    Thanks for the magnet, is very nice and I have a lots of differents sites!!!

    I like a lot!!!!

    Have a nice holidays!!!!


    🙂 Núria! 🙂

  4. Hello!

    thanks for the magnets it’s very cool!


  5. helloo!! 😀 I’m albaa !!

    The powepoint is very its very good
    at the diapositives is very intrsting and fantastic

    bye-byee!! (K)(K)

  6. The powerpoint is wonderful

    Coalhurst people if you wan come, you’re wellcome in spain.


  7. hello !! Pepa
    I’m samia this video very beautiful
    I’m very hapy

  8. I like so much pur power point

    I think if the people of Canada likes it to

    Good bye Pepa!

  9. Hi Pepa!

    I like so much our power point , I think if the people of Canada likes it to


  10. Hello Pepa I’m Gemma

    I listent your work computer i liked is a verry interesing


  11. Hello Pepa!
    I lisent and I see the works of voicethread, he’s very well


  12. HI! is a very good project and we project is very beutiful
    good bye

  13. Hello!

    This is a verry good work for canada and spain too

    from: Alejandro


  14. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m Jose:

    I see the powerpoint and it’s amazing.
    I like a lot.


  15. Hi Pepa!

    Our slides are very good, some people speak english very good !

    Kisses, Noelia 🙂

  16. Heeellooo! 🙂

    I’m Judith

    I see our powerpoint and it is very good diapositives

    bye bye! 🙂

  17. Hi I’m Gerard.
    I think that our friends off Alberta prepares this voicethread very hard.

  18. Hello!
    How are you?
    I listen our power point !

  19. Hi!
    I’m Núria!!!
    I listent your work computer and I liked very much!
    It’s very funy and interesting.

    This progect it was interesting.

    Bell…. until tomorrow!!!



  20. hello!
    How are you?
    i’m faint and this powerpoint is good i like too
    bye bye

  21. Hello Pepa!

    I’m Eva

    I listen our power point !
    It’s great!
    It’s very funny!

    Well… see you tomorrow!

    Bye Bye!

    By: Evaa!

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