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Me and my friends


Hi, my name is Roberto and I can run fast.

My friend Dani can jump high and my firend Alex can’t run fast but he’s a excelent person.


  1. Hi Roberte!, I’m DaniG.
    I write the comment again because I want to ask you some things.
    What are you doing?
    Where are you?
    And, why you like football?
    Bye Roberto.

  2. Hello Roberto I’m Gerard.
    Do you see the final of the eurocup?

  3. Hi Miriam
    Do you can skate?
    Do you can ride a horse?
    And,do you can tennis?

    Bye Bye


  4. Hi Roberto, I’m Dani.G.
    Do you can play basketball?
    Do you can dance Flamenco?
    And, do you can ski?
    Bye Roberto

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