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October 10, 2019
by pepa
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Present perfect practice

Let’s practice the form of the present perfect by doing the following exercises

Session 1







Session 2

Present perfect

Present Pefect: negative

Present perfect: sentences / questions

Present perfect: sentences / questions

Present perfect+ ever



December 5, 2018 by pepa | 0 comments

1. Listen to the video to refresh how to make comparisons in English.


2. Now go to the workbook and practise the comparisons by doing pages 28 and 29.

3. Go to this link and test yourself.

4. For further practice if you need to, go to this link

5. Go to this link: Films and entertainment and read the text and do the activities.

6. Now go to this link: Advertisements and get ready to be creative!


November 23, 2018
by pepa

Unit 3 : bits and pieces

Let’s practice a bit of everything done in unit 3

Comparison of Adjectives, by Victoria-Ladybug
Find this and other comparatives/superlatives exercises in English Exercises .org

Too + adj / not + adj + enough

click herehere and here

Some, any, much, many, a lot of

click here, here, here, and here

Now let’s pracice some vocabulary about MONEY



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